A social network designed for people to trust, inspire & help each other


Imagine if the existing social networks were designed to actually improve the world...

App mockup showing expression of gratitude

Posting "Thank you" instead of "Look at me"

Showing our gratitude and inspiring others at the same time, instead of showing off our latest vacation.

Profiles of "I trust you" instead of "Please like me"

Building trust for each other by showing our gratitude in public, instead of publishing opinions and links to get likes.

App mockup showing giver profile
App mockup showing request for help

Asking "Can I help you?" instead of "Wanna date me?"

Swiping to find opportunities to help each other, instead of scanning through pictures to decide if they are hot enough.

Helping others is natural

We all do it with our close ones and it's proven to increase both happiness and success.

Child giving flower to adult

So why do only 25% of people focus on helping colleagues and strangers?

Research shows that when we don't trust, we don't help each other. When we give but don't receive gratitude nor help when we need it, we stop giving

Favor offers a powerful new way to show gratitude and celebrate givers

Making it easy to send personal gratitude publicly, trust strangers by seeing the gratitude they received, and get help by showing anyone that you are a giver.

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